In May we used reserve funds that we saved over the years to purchase a building to prepare for our increasing needs. This new HQ will accelerate our strategic growth and support our vision for expanding program access across the state with a bigger warehouse and expanded classrooms and collaborative workspaces. With the new and larger space, we are poised to help thousands more gain access to the technology tools and training they need to thrive in today’s world.

New Space Features:
  • 15,000 square feet of refurbishing and learning
  • 2 dedicated STEM classroom spaces
  • Collaborative workspaces for staff, volunteers, and students

Kramden Institute is committed to remaining on stable financial footing regardless of economic fluctuations and to maintaining an operating reserve that lets us act when opportunities for impact, such as this new space or expanded services, come our way. In order to prepare for this next phase, we will soon be launching a Campaign for Tech Equity.

In addition to the building renovations, the campaign will also allow Kramden to invest in expanding opportunities for impact. Campaign funding not used for renovation and start-up needs will support first-year mortgage and maintenance costs of the new building as we continue to offer hands-on training, develop new programs and rebuild the reserve funds that made it possible for us to purchase our new home.