What are Tech Community Partners?

Though our core mission is to help students, we understand that many people need assistance to bridge the digital divide. In order to help meet this need, Kramden has developed the Tech Community Partners program specifically for non-student populations.

If you are a client receiving services from any of the non-profit agencies listed to the right, then you are eligible to obtain a reduced-cost desktop or laptop from Kramden (desktop computer fees are $50 and $100 for laptops). Every computer comes with Ubermix (the default OS for all Kramden computers) which includes LibreOffice, internet browsers (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) and over 60 pre-loaded educational, science and learning applications.

Does your agency want to become a Tech Community Partner?

Please call Cari DelMariani at 919-293-1133 or at cdelmariani@kramden.org about having your agency become a Tech Community Partner. The process is quick and easy and your clientele will benefit from this innovative partnership.

The following agencies are Tech Community Partners:


To receive a computer as a Tech Community Partner, you must:

  • Be a client of a Tech Community Partner agency

  • Be nominated by an agency representative

  • Receive an award letter and schedule a pick-up time

  • Bring payment at pick-up of computer

To apply for a computer as a Tech Community Partner, agency representatives should follow these 5 easy steps…


Fill out the nomination form here: Word Document or PDF


Send the completed form to Kramden Institute by email to: cdelmariani@kramden.org


After the form is submitted, Kramden will review the nomination and qualifying clients will be added to our award list on a roll-in basis. Once a client is assigned to a monthly award (Wednesday evenings for Tech Community Partner recipients), Kramden will send out an award letter. This letter will be sent to the agency representative to distribute and will include instructions for the client on scheduling  an appointment for the Award Day.


The client will schedule an appointment to pick-up the computer during the pre-scheduled award day at the Kramden Institute headquarters in Durham, NC.


Payment in the form of cash, credit or agency check will be collected at pick-up.