Kramden Laptops Distributed in Zambia

Last fall, Kramden worked with the East Chapel Hill Rotary Club and sister club Rotary Club of Lusaka to distribute laptops in Zambia.

Over the years, the Rotary Club of Lusaka has helped the Chipapa Secondary School in Lusaka, Zambia by providing textbooks and solar lamps to aid the students’ studies. After learning from the Headmaster that the school had recently been supplied with electricity but were now in need of computers, the club reached out to their sister club in Chapel Hill to see if they could be of assistance.

With Kramden’s help, the East Chapel Hill Rotary Club was able to bring 35 refurbished laptops to Zambia in October. One laptop was donated to BirdWatch Zambia, a local environmentally-focused entity promoting environmental awareness in schools in Zambia, and the remaining 34 laptops were provided to students at the Chipapa Secondary School.

Kramden recently received an email from Lusaka, praising the “huge success of the project”.

“The teachers and students of Chipapa Secondary school are most grateful for the laptops. I sure you will agree that it is impossible to teach computer and IT studies, which is now in the National Curriculum, without having computers to use!”

PP Hebert – Rotary  Club of Lusaka

Kramden has partnered with the East Chapel Hill Rotary club in previous years to distribute computer equipment outside of the US — once in Nicaragua, and twice in Costa Rica.

Local Students Conclude Tech Trailblazers Mini-Camp

For many students, increased access to technology and training can provide a real sense of empowerment. Last week, eleven Tech Trailblazers participants learned the skills necessary to put together their own computer to take home.

At the conclusion of camp, one local 9th grader reflected on how he planned to use his computer and his favorite parts of the program.

Kramden’s Tech Trailblazers program offers students in grades 6-9 hands-on experience working with computer hardware, software, and networking. Students learn IT skills and explore technology careers as they work in Kramden’s refurbishing warehouse to build their own computer.

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Kramden Partners with STEM West

Partnerships with organizations across the state allow Kramden to expand its impact beyond the Triangle. This spring, Kramden Institute teamed up with STEM West to distribute 240 computers to deserving students in Caldwell and Alexander Counties.

Computers ready for distribution at
Granite Falls Middle School in Caldwell County

STEM West was created in 2013 to “have a positive influence on STEM education and ultimately the workforce and economic development of western NC.” STEM West’s mission is to advocate and support the alignment of educational and occupational objectives through the regional workforce and community partnerships.

Each school district in Caldwell and Alexander county set aside a day last month to train students and their families and distribute desktop computers. Along with a demonstration of the computer’s many preinstalled programs, families were also provided information on how to access more affordable internet.

I wanted to thank you for the desktop. It has already been of great help to me, I know that the school could have used these for the new school and instead you gave them to students who don’t have a computer so they can work on projects at home. I think that is so generous and have never heard of a school caring about their students to do this.

Email excerpt from Granite Falls Middle School student

Kramden plans to continue its partnership with STEM West to expand its reach to more students in the western part of the state. To read more about STEM West, visit