Mitchell Geiss is Geek of the Week!


Mitchell Geiss is Geek of the Week! Mitchell has been volunteering with Kramden for a few months now and just finished a 3 week internship with Kramden. In the 3 short months he has been a volunteer, he has racked up over 100 hours of volunteer time. These 100+ hours have been spent not only refurbishing computers, but completing other projects for the Kramden staff. Thanks for all your hard work, Mitchell!

Favorite Geek Book: The War of the Worlds – H.G. Wells

Favorite Geek Website: YouTube

Favorite Geek Movie: Transformers Movie Saga

What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Kramden? Helping donate computers to students and families who couldn’t afford one.

Best Kramden Moment? Putting an Xbox One together. I only have a PS3 and never got to put an Xbox together.

When you are not volunteering at Kramden, what do you do? When I am not volunteering I am studying or working on school work. Also, I like to play golf with my family and watch movies with friends.