Meet a Computer Recipient – Gabrielle from NCCU

Since our founding in 2003, Kramden has awarded more than 23,000 computers across North Carolina through our three hardware programs. This has only been possible through the generosity of our supporters and the tireless efforts of our amazing volunteers. As a way of saying ‘Thank You’, we will be sharing the stories of some of the individuals who have been awarded by Kramden.

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Gabrielle* is a Senior at North Carolina Central University studying criminal justice. Growing up, she did not have access to a home computer and would go to the school or local library to complete assignments for school. She continued this routine for her first three years of college, crossing campus every day to use computers in the NCCU library.

In February, Gabrielle and 100 other students taking online classes at NCCU received laptop computers through a partnership between the university and Kramden. Having her own computer for the first time, she told us how much she enjoys the ability to work on school assignments from her apartment rather than trekking across campus.  She now uses the extra time to work on her crafts and wants to learn how to build websites so that she can sell her work online in the future.


*Name changed to protect privacy