Lois Thompson is Geek of the Week!


Lois Thompson is Geek of the Week! Lois has been volunteering with Kramden since February of 2014 and is a wonderful member of the Kramden volunteer team. This Super Geek can usually be found in the back of our warehouse tearing apart old computers and recycling their components. Lois is not afraid to get her hands dirty and can dismantle any computer she is given! Thank for all you do, Lois.

Favorite Geek Book: I am Pilgrim – by Terry Hayes

Favorite Geek Website: Fine Woodworking

Favorite Geek Movie: Star Wars

What is the geekiest thing about you? I wear my Super Geek t-shirt to Jazzercise!

What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Kramden? I especially like the upbeat attitude and can do approach of the staff at Kramden.

Best Kramden Moment? There was this one power supply (the long one that has a littlejog to the left at the top – the one that looks like it’s flipping you the bird), well I finally was able to liberate it from the case! And, I’ve managed to do it again and again.