What is the Kramden Tech Scholar program?

Are you, or do you know, a student in grades 3-12 who needs a home computer? Kramden Tech Scholars is our core program to assist students in grades 3-12 without a working home computer. To date, Kramden has served students in more than 70 North Carolina counties and has relied on principals, teachers, guidance counselors, and school social workers to identify and nominate deserving students. Once we qualify the student, he/she will become a Kramden Tech Scholar, and receive a computer along with ongoing technical support from the Kramden team. Tech Scholars who are high school students are eligible to receive a refurbished laptop for a $100 sponsorship fee.

Check out the FAQ sheet for more information regarding computer nominations and awards. Questions can be directed to Cari DelMariani (cdelmariani@kramden.org).

To become a Kramden Tech Scholar, you must:

  • Be a student in grades 3-12

  • Not have access to a working home computer

  • Be nominated by an educator who can verify the student is academically motivated

    Educators can include teachers, principals, school social workers or counselors.

Follow these 4 Steps to Nominate a Student as a Kramden Tech Scholar:


Fill out Kramden’s nomination form. This form is available in a Word Document, or PDF (can be submitted by mail, fax, or email) or an electronic form (submitted online).


After the nomination form is submitted, Kramden will review the nomination and qualifying students will be added to our award list on a rolling basis. Once a student is assigned to a monthly award, Kramden will send out an award letter. This letter will be sent to the nominating educator to distribute and will include instructions for the student on how to schedule an appointment for the Award Day.


The student will make an appointment to pick-up the computer during the pre-scheduled award day at the Kramden Institute headquarters in Durham, NC (usually the third Saturday of the month).


After a brief 20-30 minute tutorial about the computer, the student will take their computer home with them!

In-School Award Day

Schools with 30 or more eligible students, or schools further away from Durham, may schedule in-school award days to be hosted during the school day. Email Cari DelMariani at cdelmariani@kramden.org if you are interested in discussing this option.