Kramden Campers Pilot Drones

Summer camps are underway at Kramden. Children in grades 3-12 have participated in camps over the past 3 weeks, learning about technology through hands-on activities. Build a PC, Let’s Code, and Computer Quest camps wrapped up in June.

In the first week of July, Kramden hosted one of our most popular camps, Drone Flight. Drones are everywhere, and they are more than just toys. In this two-day camp, students in middle and high school learned how drones work and how to fly them. Students completed challenges that taught them how to accurately control the drones. This included simulators, control challenges, and a “drone battle” competition. The camp concluded with an obstacle course race.



This final event required students to use all the skills they had practiced on the first day of class. Students raced through the course, trying to out maneuver their opponent without crashing into hoops, bars, or each other. The race culminated in a tense finale where the top three drone pilots faced off to see who had the best flight skills.



Congratulations to the top three drone flight pilots!

Summer camps resume this week with Digital Creativity and continue through the week of August 14th.

Thank you to Fidelity for sponsoring camp scholarships this year.