About Geek-A-Thons

The Geek-A-Thon is Kramden’s signature event in which volunteers (geeks) refurbish computers following an assembly-line process. Volunteering can take place at Kramden, or we can bring our warehouse to you. Volunteers do not need to be skilled technicians (or have ever opened up a computer) as Kramden has created an easy-to-follow process where anyone can participate.


Kramden offers several unique opportunities for groups who want to make a tangible contribution to their community.

Computers refurbished at GATs will be awarded to low-income families in need of a computer. Channel your inner geek alongside your fellow team members and help make a difference!


Interested in having your team join us during the week? Contact us today to add your group of up to 10 to our volunteer schedule!

Larger groups of 11-50 can schedule a group opportunity for a $55 per person sponsorship fee. For $75 per person, we’ll include lunch and personalized “geek” shirts with your corporate logo.


Kramden can accommodate large groups of up to 200 volunteers for a 1-3 day event either onsite or at a corporate or community location.

We provide the equipment, staff and know-how to ensure that your team can get the full refurbishing experience, regardless of where the event is held. Sponsorship costs vary from $5,000-$15,000.

Interested in volunteering with your team?

To inquire about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Director of Programs, Cari DelMariani, either by phone at 919-293-1133 or by email at cdelmariani@kramden.org.

To view and download a PDF to share with your employer, click here.