Glen Harmon is Geek of the Week!


Glen Harmon is Kramden’s Geek of the Week! Glen has been volunteering with Kramden since June of 2014 and is the most recent addition to our Management Team. In just a little over a year, Glen has contributed 500+ hours of service to Kramden and often volunteers two or more days week. Glen recently made a huge contribution to Kramden by funding and implementing a new hose reel system for our air compressors. It is this dedication and initiative that makes Kramden so successful. Thank you, Glen!

Favorite Geek Book: Lord of the Rings

Favorite Geek Website: Lifehacker

Favorite Geek Movie: Star Wars

What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Kramden? My favorite thing about volunteering at Kramden is threefold: 1) I enjoy the opportunity to serve others, especially those that do not have the technology to learn. Kramden gave me the chance to help undeserved students obtain computers to use for homework completion as well as the internet to learn about the world around them. 2) I really appreciate the impact that Kramden has on the environment by recycling technology. 3) -Certainly not the least- The staff at Kramden have a strong commitment to serving the technology needs of the community. They are always very generous with their time and they don’t mind answering questions no matter how many times you ask!

Best Kramden Moment? Becoming a Super Geek!

When you are not volunteering at Kramden, what do you do? I enjoy watching pro football, college basketball, walking, building computers for myself and friends, seeing a good movie, and reading.