Geek of the Week – Alex Puerto

Alex Puerto is Geek of the Week! After first joining Kramden in 2018 Panther Creek High School student Alex quickly became a leader in the warehouse. A regular at our Wednesday Work Nights, Alex was recently acknowledged for all of his hard work by being promoted to “Super Geek.” Thank you, Alex, for your consistent positive attitude and willingness to help!

Favorite Geek Books: Redwall

Favorite TV Show: Person of Interest (In my opinion, the best action drama ever created)

Favorite Geek Movie:  Wall-E, always a great one to rewatch

Favorite Website:

What is your favorite thing about volunteering with Kramden?  The people. Everyone is very welcoming, ready to help, and knowing that we’re all working to help those in need is a terrific feeling.

Best Kramden Moment?  After a lot of tinkering and guessing, I managed to get a desktop that was going to be discarded working fully, and running Endless OS. That moment taught me that with perseverance and help, nothing is impossible.

When you are not volunteering at Kramden, what do you do?  Aside from Kramden, I work at the YMCA teaching kids to swim better, and practice guitar.