Digital Equity Skills with the Congolese Community in Greensboro

Kramden’s new partnership with COCOMPTS in Greensboro has kicked off with digital literacy classes taught by Community Technology Instructors (CTIs). COCOMPTS is a nonprofit organization that supports the integration and cultural preservation of Congolese immigrants to the Triad. The group has its roots in 1997 when Congolese immigrants and refugees in Greensboro formed a support group to help each other to preserve and reinforce their cultural ties. 

As the number of Congolese immigrants to the area grew, the group incorporated their association to become a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2019. COCOMPTS offers a variety of services to their community, including child care, employment and housing assistance, civic education, and ESL. Now in partnership with Kramden, the group is providing computer literacy training.

This past December, COCOMPTS members Aimee and Raphael visited Kramden for a two-day training to become CTIs. Along with other new instructors, they worked with Kramden staff to learn how to deliver our Computer Basics curriculum to their community. Kramden instructors and experienced CTIs shared best practices with the new group to help them prepare.

CTIs Aimee and Raphael kicked off the first COCOMPTS Computer Basics class on January 27th. COCOMPTS president, Sifa Bulankay, shared photos from the class:

Sifa was in attendance and was happy to see the excitement from participants about learning how to use a computer. Some of the participants said they also wanted to become instructors!

“That right there was the prize for me. People yearning for more and to take initiative”, she told Kramden.

On March 23, representatives of Charter Communications will visit Greensboro to see a class graduation. Charter funded two rounds of the Computer Basics class through their Digital Education Grant program.

Kramden is excited to continue this partnership with COCOMPTS, sharing digital skills with more people in North Carolina.