Kramden Receives $1.5 Million from NCDIT

The Digital Champion grant will fund capacity building to help Kramden deliver services to more North Carolinians

To help achieve Governor Cooper’s goal to close the digital divide in North Carolina, the Office of Digital Equity and Literacy launched a series of digital equity grant programs to help North Carolinians afford high-speed internet, obtain digital devices and get access to digital literacy courses to safely and effectively participate in today’s digital economy.

Kramden is a recipient of the Digital Champions grant and has been awarded $1,500,000 to expand our capacity to collect, refurbish and redistribute computers, provide digital skills education, and expand our impact statewide. Over the next two years, Kramden will work with the state and other government agencies, nonprofits, and community partners to build capacity and bring devices and skills to even more people in North Carolina. With over 55,000 computers distributed and more than 12,000 individuals gaining computer skills from Kramden over the past 20 years, we feel ready to increase our impact even further.

We appreciate the state’s recognition of our leadership in digital inclusion programs. Congratulations to the 62 other organizations who were awarded funding under this grant program; let’s get to work together.