Costa Rican Schools Receive Kramden Computers

Kramden Institute recently partnered with East Chapel Hill Rotary Club to deploy 105 Kramden laptops and 30 XO tablets to nine schools in Costa Rica. The project, made possible by a grant from Goodwill Community Foundation International, provides on-going technical support by the Rotaract Club in Puntarenas.

The Rotary Club distributed the computers during a trip in March and Kramden’s Director of Technical Operations, Jason Ricker, made a follow-up trip last week to provide technical support and training to Roterac Club members. The laptops, equipped with the open-source Ubermix operating system in Spanish, will have access to internet provided by the Ministry of Education.

Although the schools have only had the computers for a short time, they are already making strides to implement technology into the curriculum. One teacher is using Google Earth to teach geography to her classroom. Without access to physical maps, the computers have been able to bridge this gap in resources. In addition, the teachers are able to access GCFAprendeLibre. This Goodwill program provides free educational resources to Spanish speaking communities.

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