New Online Camps!

Keep your student active and learning with our virtual summer camps. 

Schedule and Pricing

Our online camps are held Monday-Friday for 2 hours each day unless otherwise noted. Choose Morning (10:00 am – 12:00 pm) or Afternoon (2:00 – 4:00 pm) sessions.

Camps are $75 for the week unless otherwise noted.
A limited number of scholarships are available. Apply here.

Coronavirus and Our In-Person Summer Camps

All our in-person camps in June, July, and August have been cancelled. Refunds were processed automatically for all camp registrations.

Check out the online camp options on this page for great alternatives!

If you have questions please contact


Electronics Exploration

Dive into electronics with a week of circuit building projects. Learn how circuits work by prototyping with kits and safely experimenting with components. Build circuits with LED lights, speakers, and microchips. A great foundation if you want to get into electrical engineering or robotics. You’ll use a kit of parts that you pick up before the online camp. No electronics experience required.

Grades 6 – 8

June 15 – 19
July 13 – 17

Let’s Code! Coding Basics (grades 3-5)

Get started with programming using Scratch, the most popular way for kids to learn about coding! Scratch lets you create characters, tell stories, and make games by using intuitive block-based programming. Daily fun projects will keep you engaged and entertained while learning basic coding skills. You’ll also learn about logical thinking without a computer, using hands-on activities. You will even be able to share your creations with the group and connect with your fellow campers!

Grades 3 – 5

June 22 – 26 (AM only)
July 20 – 24 (AM only)

Video Game Basics: Retro Arcade

Use Microsoft MakeCode Arcade to create your own retro-style video games. Learn about game design ideas and careers. You’ll get to see your games playing on a handheld console called the PyGamer, but you also can play them in any web browser. Share your games with friends and family!

Grades 6 – 8

June 29 – July 3

Digital Creativity: Image Editing

Learn how to create unique photo projects using image editing software. Using the free program GIMP, students will learn basic imaging concepts and adjustments, as well as more advanced editing skills like layers and masks. They will use these skills to explore their creative capacity with daily projects like making digital collages and even GIFs. Perfect for aspiring artists, photographers, or designers.

Grades 6 – 8

July 6 – 10

Digital DJ: Make Music with Code

Explore EarSketch, the music coding software developed by computer scientists at Georgia Tech. You’ll learn how to use EarSketch to create your own songs from a huge library of samples like drums, synth leads, and bass on multiple tracks. You’ll also remix music from musicians like Common, Ciara, Young Guru, and Richard Devine! It’s like Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) apps, but controlled by code. As you make music, you’ll understand coding concepts like variables, functions, loops, and constants and music concepts like rhythm, measures, BPM, and keys.

Grades 6 – 8
Four-day camp (Monday-Thursday)

July 27 – 30 (AM only)

Build A PC: Live Build Demo

Learn how to build a computer from scratch, including: choosing parts, installing parts into the case, adding a graphics card, and troubleshooting. Watch and ask questions as the instructor builds and modifies a gaming PC. Bring your questions about building PCs (choosing parts, budgeting, etc) for the Q&A at the end.

Grades 6 – 12
2-hour extended workshop

June 15, 1 – 3 pm
July 2, 10 am – 12 pm
July 15, 1 – 3 pm
July 28, 10 am – 12 pm


Five Years of Inspiration

We’re celebrating our fifth year of summer STEAM camps! We’re proud to have provided over 600 students access to exciting technology and creativity experiences.


Kramden Institute’s mission as a non-profit includes increasing access to technology education to youth in North Carolina. Your camp fees and other support enable us to offer scholarships for every program we offer.


Please carefully read the policies and information below before you register.

Discount codes apply to in-person camps only.

Early Registration Discounts
Spring: Get 15% off any 2- or 3-day camp with code EARLYSPRING2020 through March 6.
Summer: Get $30 off any 5-day camp with code EARLYSUMMER2020 through April 17.

Multi-camp and Sibling Discounts
Take 10% off any two or more in-person camp registrations with code MULTIWEEK2020. Register for each camp week separately using this code. Applies to any combination of camp weeks with no limit. Can be used for one child attending multiple weeks or different children from the same household attending any of our camps. If registrations will be made more than 5 business days apart, please contact us first at Improper use of this code to register for only one camp week will result in cancellation of your registration.

Exclusions and Restrictions
Discounts cannot be used for camps offered through the City of Raleigh or Town of Cary Parks and Recreation departments.

Only one discount code or scholarship may be used for each camp registration. This includes early registration and multi-camp discounts. Codes cannot be combined. Please make sure you use the most valuable discount available.

Refunds are available until two weeks before the camp start date. Please note that Eventbrite, our camp registration partner, does not refund any fees paid as part of the registration. For example, a full refund on a $275 5-day camp will be $256.90.

Zoom and Student Participation

Online camp sessions are held using Zoom unless otherwise noted. Please allow a few minutes to install the Zoom software before the first camp. Click the provided link 5 minutes for the camp begins.

  • Use your student’s real name when they join the Zoom.
  • Before you join the Zoom, make sure the place the student is in is quiet and comfortable.
  • Remember your student will be sharing audio and video using the camera and microphone. Make sure the student and the area around them are ready to be on camera.
  • Make sure other parent/guardian and anyone else around knows they will be in a video class at those times.
  • Students can use any type of desktop or laptop computer to do the Zoom camp. You will need a camera and microphone to participate in the class. A phone or tablet may work but could be harder to use the Scratch software.
  • You or the student can turn off their video and mute the audio anytime. Students can continue to use the text chat to participate. It may be harder for the instructor to assist them or answer questions.

Attendance and Behavior Expectations

Depending on the age of your student, parents/guardians may need to assist the student joining the camp. For younger students, please remain accessible during the camp times in case issues arise. We do not require a parents of young students to be present during camp, but if you feel that is best for your child please do so.

If the instructor needs to contact you during camp we will call the cell number from your registration.

Students should join every camp session. Projects later in the week depend on what they learn earlier in the week.

Students should behave as if they were in school, including being kind and respectful to the instructor and the other students.

Students need to pay attention during each session and follow along with the instructor.

Questions and How to Contact the Instructor

If a parent/guardian or student needs to contact the instructor, email

Campers need to bring their own lunches. We’ll provide snacks and water. If your camper has food allergies or restrictions, be sure to list them when you register. Make sure your child is aware of their allergies and what foods or ingredients to avoid. We will have peanut-, tree nut- and gluten-free snacks available.

Camps are from 9 am to 4 pm each day. You can drop off as early as 8:30 am, and pick up no later than 4:30 pm. If your child has to miss a day of camp, please let us know as soon as you can.

If you need to contact your child or the instructors during the day, call 919-293-1133.

When you drop off your camper in the morning, please come in to the office to check in. Please also come inside to check out your camper at the end of the day when picking up.

Only authorized adults will be allowed to pick up a camper. If you need to add another authorized adult after registration, email their full name and relationship to the camper to This must be done before the pickup time. This includes any other parent/guardian or any relative if they were not listed during registration. We may check IDs at pickup to ensure your camper’s safety.

If your child has any daily or emergency medication or device, such as an EpiPen, please make sure they bring it. Let the instructors know they have it when you check in. All medication must be brought in the original bottle and campers will only be allowed to use it as directed on the bottle unless accompanied by a doctor’s note. No medications other than those listed on your camper’s registration or those you inform us about in advance will be allowed. If your student may have trouble using their medication as directed, please let the instructors know. If you have information about your child’s special needs that will help us make sure they a great time at camp, please contact us before camp begins.

Our camps include break times and activities when campers will be outdoors (weather permitting). Make sure your child brings appropriate clothing and supplies (jacket, sunscreen, water bottle, etc). If there are restrictions on your child’s physical activity, please let us know in advance.

Campers are expected to treat the instructors and other campers with respect at all times. If a camper is disruptive, instructors may intervene to help the camper improve their behavior. Continued disruptive behavior may result in temporary or permanent dismissal from camp. Physical aggression or threatening behavior will result in immediate, permanent dismissal from camp.

Campers are permitted to bring their devices to camp, but may only use them when allowed by the instructors. If device use interferes with camp activities, the instructors may take possession of the device until the end of the day.

Online Camps

Our virtual camps use Zoom to connect your student with our instructors. All camps are small groups (7 max) that share video and audio to help forge interpersonal social connections.


Email or call 919-293-1133.