Campers create inspiring images in Photo Exploration Camp

Our first session of Photo Exploration Camp in June was inspiring. It was exciting to see the group’s progress and how much fun they had taking and editing photos. The students took their work to a higher level and developed a better eye for design and composition.

Projects included photographing still lifes, landscapes, and portraits. Students also learned how to incorporate personal reflection and feedback from others into their projects to improve their photos. The results were beautiful, especially the still life and portrait assignments, where the students had to use three point lighting and create images that reflected concepts they developed beforehand.

Space is still available in the August 6-10 session of Photo Exploration Camp (for grades 6-8). Use code AUGUST20 to get $20 off your registration. Register here.

Inset photo: Portrait of Courtney by Olivia.
Top photo: Deck of cards still life by Maurice.