Camp #3 – PC Building

Being true to ourselves, our third camp of the summer was on a subject near and dear to our hearts – building computers. Thirteen students from across the Triangle joined us last week for a 3 geeky days spent learning the ins and outs of computer hardware, how to assemble the pieces into functioning machines, and how to benchmark the hardware and load an operating system.

After an introduction to the key concepts, the students broke into teams and assembled loose parts into an empty case. Kramden instructors were there to provide advice and help the students with troubleshooting errors. After the first round of building, the students disassembled their computers and spent time learning about more advanced concepts before building their second computer using a different case and components. One student remarked in surprise that building a computer is “just like Legos, everything fits together right once you know how”. After three successful builds, the students learned how to upgrade their computers using GeForce GPUs provided by NVIDIA (Thanks NVIDIA!).

Not only did NVIDIA provide GPUs for the students to use, but two engineers from NVIDIA visited the camp and gave a presentation on the hardware development process and talked about what it is like to work as a computer engineer.

The last few hours of the camp was spent using online resources to create parts lists for different budgets and uses, from casual gaming to professional video editing. The camp was a huge success and we look forward to offering it again in the future.